Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's Nail Salon!

What a fun day we had in primary today!  We invited a few dad's to join us for singing time.  I had 8 bottles of very wild and bright finger nail polish.  On the bottom of each bottle I put a number (1-8).  Each number corresponded with a song.  If they sang the song well, I chose a child ot come up and paint two of the dad's fingernails that color.  Our dad's knew ahead of time waht we had planned.  Then after all the nails were painted the dad's walked around the room "Modeling" their nails while the kids sang.  I had nail polish remover in the hallway for those who wanted to take it off.  A big hit for a review activity.  Thanks to my friend Angela for this idea!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


This was a song we chose to teach the primary for the month of June.  Today we taught them the first portion only.  I really emphasized what the song meas with the Junior primary.  I asked them questions that led to the lyrics of the song.

1) What do you do with your body when you pray? I gave silly choices like swim? jump rope? etc.  When I got the response I was looking for KNEEL, I then had everyone kneel on the ground while I said, " I kneel to pray"  then we sang that.
2) When do you pray?  Wednesday? Sunday?  Quickly I got the response of EVERYDAY!  so we added that in to the song, "I kneel to pray, everyday"
3) Then I asked who had a dog.  What do you say to a dog when you want it to bark (or talk in dog language)?  It took a bit but then a boy got it! SPEAK!!
4) Who are you speaking to when you pray?  HEAVENLY FATHER!  We added that part into the song as well.  We slowly were building the song."I SPEAK to HEAVENLY FATHER."
5) Why do you pray to him?  These kids were great.  It didn't take any coaching for them to say because he hears and answers our prayers.  So we added in, " He HEARS and ANSWERS me."
6) Then I finished by asking them how they knew all of this was true?  What gave them this testimony?  FAITH so we finished the song ," when I pray in FAITH."

Then we sang the song through completely doing various rythmn beats, like clapping, slapping legs, marching, etc.  To wrap it up we had a contest...teachers versus kids.  The kids won!  They usually do!