Sunday, March 11, 2012

Remote Control Singing

So I saw several versions of using this concept in singing time.  I didn't want to have just a larger version of a remote control because I couldn't figure out how to push the buttons and conduct.  So I modified it a bit.  We did it today and the kids LOVED it!  Especially Junior Primary, for them it was a big hit!

I started by making my remote control buttons to be on signs that I could hold up.  I did a variety of signs.  We used today to review As A Child of God and Choose the Right.  This is because I was out sick one Sunday and then we had Stake Conference, so it had been 3 weeks since I had last heard them sing.  I thought a review would be wise, even if it put us behind schedule a bit.

Here are the signs:

This on is obvious.  To mix it up I had them lean and move the way i hold the sign, whether its left, right up or down.  That gets them in good practice of keeping their eyes on me.


This one was fun.  We sang Choose the Right as fast as the pianist played.  I emphasized to them that they were not to sing as fast as they could, but rather as fast as the piano went.  It was really good practice for them to follow me and to listen carefully to the piano.  When singing fast like this it is best to have the pianist only play the right hand.


This was not to sing the song backwards! Haha, though some kids wanted to try.  Instead when I held up the sign the turned around and faced the wall.  This way they couldn't see me do any of the hand signs that prompt them in the song As A Child of God.  When I made a beep noise they turned back and faced me.  I did this randomly throughout all three verses.


After using this one I realized that a MUTE button would have made more sense.  When I held up this sign they paused their singing.  But the piano kept going.  This one caused them to really focus and me, the piano, and the words to the song.  One of my favorite ways to drill a song.


Before beginning this one I always remind the children (especially the very little ones) that shouting is not singing.  Also, that even when they are singing as quiet as they can, I should still be able to hear them.  Then we began.  As I raised the sign up the increased in volume and as I went down they decreased.


My favorite of today.  I have never recorded the primary children singing.  So I explained to them that they need to hold still while they sang and not fidget so we would record only voices.  Then they sang the song to review.  When they were finished I played it back for them.  The senior liked it but the junior were astonished.  Their little faces just lit up as they heard themselves sing.  This was a great moment for them!

This turned out to be a very fun activity.  I chose to pick up the signs in the order I wanted and not have a helper hold them.  Sometimes the kids can make these types of activities too wild by switching the sign too quickly of too often.  I decided that I was in "control" of the remote control today.


  1. Thank you for sharing such a creative idea! I plan to use this in the next week or so. I'll let you know how it went. I really like your blog. The colors are fun and you have made the text easy to see. I appreciate you taking the time to do this because I know you are helping a lot of us choristers out here!

  2. What did you record them on? I'm curious how you played it back to them so that they could see it?

  3. I love this game! I'll be using it this week. I made "buttons" in Photoshop and I'm happy to share: