Sunday, February 12, 2012

Four Corners

Well, today was a crazy Sunday.  I had to speak in sacrament meeting.  So since I had to spend a lot of time this week planning my talk, it restricted my primary planning time.  I decided to do an activity that I hadn't done for a while that the kids all love!!  I like this particular activity because EVERY child gets to participate in some way.  It is also great to use when learning a new song because it is repetitive.

To start I post the number 1, 2, 3, 4 on a large piece of colored paper in each of the four corners of the room (hence the name of the game...four corners).  The I choose my first helper.  This child comes up front and closes his/her eyes.  I then choose a class to go first.  While we sing, the class moves around and positions themselves in any of the corners.  When we are done singing the child with their eyes closed "chooses" a corner.  (see how I snuck in this months theme to the game )  Everyone in the corner that was named is "out" and has to sit down.  Then the child up front closes their eyes and we sing again.  etc.

If a corner is empty I let the guesser know not to pick that corner.
When I am down to four or less kids, I tell them not to be in a corner with anyone else and at that point the guesser chooses the corner to be the "winner".  The winner is then the guesser for the next class.
Sometimes I have more than one class up at a time.
I have had just the teachers move to the corners before. The kids love that version too!

Today I used the second verse of Choose the Right.  I split it into two parts.  We sang the first part over and over again until a winner was found.  Then for the next class we sang the second part over and over.  For the third class we sang the whole verse.  The fourth class we sang the chorus only.  Fifth class we sang the entire second verse with chorus.  Finally for the last round we sang both verses with chorus.

Hopefully this explains it well enough.  Please let me know if you have questions!!


  1. What a blessing to find your blog! I have found several neat chorister blogs but they aren't current and it SO helps to get tips on doing songs that we are currently working on. I tried the UNO game today and it was SO fun! I am not the best at coming up with creative things on my own but am great at adapting so THANK YOU..and KUDOS!

  2. I am so glad you found the UNO game a success! I loved it as well! Enjoy your calling, it is the greatest place to be!!

  3. I adapted this game to work better for my smaller primary. Thank you so much for the inspiration, you can read about what I did on my blog, sunbeam singing, on wordpress.

  4. Oh I'm so excited you have so many greats ideas for singing time it's the first time that I have these calling and didn't now what to do so thank you thank you!
    What a blessing in my life