Sunday, April 29, 2012

Truth or Consequences

This was adapted from the Ordinary Adventures of a Primary Chorister.  I have used it SO many times and it is always a BIG hit!  It is adapted from the 50's and 60's game show.  It is perfect for reviewing songs!  I like to use it when I have the whole time in primary on fifth Sundays.

It basically goes like this; I draw a child's name out of my choosing jar.  They get to pick a teacher to CHALLENGE.  Each contestant is given a question that relates to the song.  If you get your question right you receive a point for your team (kids vs. teachers).  If you get it wrong, you have a consequence.  What is great is they way the questions are, the kids NEVER get it wrong!  So the teachers do all of the consequences.  The kids LOVE to see their teacher's up front.  Our primary has GREAT, FUN, and ENTHUSIASTIC teachers who love to participate!

QUESTIONS: (The first one is for the kid, the second for the teacher)

For the song CHOOSE THE RIGHT:
1)  What abbreviation for Choose the Right do we use?  (CTR)
2)   What was the first CTR ring made of and how much did it cost? (Nickel and Platinum, $.35)

1)  What is one thing in this song that is "fair:?  (sunshine, moonlight, Jesus, meadows, woodlands)
2)   This is a Silesian folk song, who wrote it?  (Anon.)

For the song  PRAISE TO THE MAN:
1)  Where did Joseph Smith go to pray?  (Sacred Grove)
2)  On what day of the week was the church organized?  (A Tuesday)

For the song ARMY OF HELAMAN:
1)  Who teaches you truth?  (goodly parents, mother, father)
2)   Janice Kapp Perry wrote this song, in what year as she born?  (1938)

1)  Name someone from the Book of Mormon?
2)  How many verses are in Mosiah chapter 15? (31)

For the song AS A CHILD OF GOD:
1)  What power did we come to earth with?  (Power to choose)
2)  How many babies are born in the USA every day?  (11,000)

It is obviously rigged so that the child's question is SUPER easy and the adults question is SUPER hard.  That is what makes it so much fun!  Now for the consequences.  They need to do these as everyone sings the song.

1)  Wear a sombrero and shake maracas
2)  Blow bubbles
3)  Hula Hoop
4)  Wear grass skirt and lei and do the hula
5)  Keep two inflated balloons in the air by hitting them lightly
6) March around like the leader of a parade

This is a very fun, energetic activity.  It's a great way to reward the kids for working so hard learning all of these program songs!


This was a new, fun idea we used in Senior Primary.  They sometimes get tired of sitting and I felt they are old enough to be able to move around a bit without losing focus.  Note: I did NOT use this in Junior primary.

I made seven cards that were folded like tents and sitting on the front table.  We then would sing a verse, chorus or entire song in order to earn the chance to draw a card.  I used this to review all of the songs that we have learned thus far this year.  What ever was on the card is what we had to do before we sang the next song.  It was fun.  The kids really liked moving around to a new seat.  Here were the movements:

1)   Move two chairs to your right (if you are at the end of the row, go to the other end of the row)
2)   If you have ever gone to General Conference, switch chairs with someone else who has also gone.
3)   Teachers move 6 chairs to the left.  If there was a child in that seat they had to shift to make room for the teacher.
4)   If you have ever sang at someone's baptism, switch seats with someone else who also has.
5)   Move so everyone is sitting boy-girl.
6)   If you have ever given a Book of Mormon to someone, switch seats with someone else who has. (I was so thrilled to see how many children stood up!!)
7)  Teachers trade places with another teacher.

Having the movement was really fun and they sang great!

Does our Singing MEASURE UP?

I adapted this idea years ago and cannot remember where the original idea came from.  But I use it often in Junior primary.

The idea is that we are going to "measure" how well we have learned our newest song.  I use a very large flower vase.  With a marker I mark a line near the top. I have then also have a pitcher filled with water.  What is so fun about this is I use food coloring to color the water.  You can use a color that matches the song.  This time we were singing Beautiful Savior, so I used green to represent all the beautiful things he has created (meadows, woodlands, flowers, etc).

I broke the song up into sections.  Aster we sang a section I would rate how well they sang it.  I then chose a child to come pour colored water into the vase a bit.  (I would just tell them when to stop).  This continues until the vase is almost full.  Then to reach our goal we stand up and sing the song through in it's entirety.  I ask them before if they think they are going to make it to the top.  The suspense is so cute and they get so excited!  Of course they always make it to the top.  What's great is they really earn it!