Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I have used this phrase when I encourage the kids to sing loud.  "Sing so loudly that it knocks my socks off!"  I saw an idea similar to this on another blog (can't remember who or when sorry) and modified it.  It was a HUGE hit, especially with the Junior Primary.  I strung a clothesline up and attached 6 outlandish socks on it with a clothespin.  I explained what it meant to knock someones socks off.  Then I told them they would get a chance to knock all the socks off the line.  I used this to teach the first verse of Scripture power to the Junior primary.  We broke the verse into parts, had an object for each part.  I taught them the part, we practiced and then we tried to KNOCK A SOCK OFF!  To do this they had to sing the part they learned, correctly and with volume and energy.  If they did (the pianist was the judge) a child got to come yank any sock off the line and throw it into the air.  If they didn't we sang it until they did.  After a sock got knocked off we went to the next part of the verse.  To knock the second sock off they had to sing the earlier learned part plus the second.  It slowly built.  By the time we got to the last sock they were singing the entire first verse with chorus beautifully!  Here is how I broke it up:

PICTURE OF THE SAVIOR:  Because I want to be like the Savior and I can
BOOK OF MORMON AND CLIP ART OF PLAN OF SALVATION:  I'm reading his instructions I'm following his plan.
CLIP ART OF A MUSCULAR ARM FLEXING: Because I want the power his word will give to me.
PAPER DOLL WITH A FEW OUTFITS (I discussed what it meant to "change"):  I'm changing how I live, I'm changing what I'll be.

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