Sunday, January 8, 2012

Building A Child of God

Today was SO much fun!  We are working on the second verse of As a Child of God.  I teach the verses in sections.  Then build the song as we go.  Today was a reverse version of Hangman.  We did girls against boys, which aways works great in our primary.  I had the kids move so the girls were on one side of the room and boys seated on the other (in junior I did leave the Sunbeams where they were).

Here are the finished bodies.

After I taught the first portion of the second verse we sang it together twice:
"I feel so safe and happy because."

Then it was contest time!  The girls sang, then the boys sang it.  Who ever sang it loudest and pronounced the words the most clearly got a body part on the board.  I then did this for the second portion of the verse:
"such feelings of peace come from family love."

Contest again.

Next we sang those two phrases together twice.  After that it was contest time again.  Following that we added the chorus and etc.  I hope you get the idea.  It was a blast.  All the kids enjoyed it! Eventually we were singing the first and second verses with the chorus to earn the final body parts.

Girls won in junior, boys won in senior.

Some added extras.  If they were irreverent when the other side was singing they could lose a body part.  I sometimes ask visiting parents to help judge because it can get too close to call!


  1. This is a GREAT idea! I love that you teach it in verses. I have been teaching this song all month and I feel like our kids still don't get it. I will definitely be doing this this week! Thanks!

    1. I hope it works as well in your Primary as it worked in mine!

  2. Love this idea! Simple but fun. Although in our Stake we can't do any boys vs. girls challenges. I learned this the hard way when the stake Music person sat in on my first Sunday as Chorister {I am not a musical person so this has been challenging for me!} and I did a fun activity with boys vs. girls. I got a stern talking to ;( But, I think I will at least do one side vs. the other side of the room!

    1. Another fun way to do it is to have teachers vs students!