Sunday, January 2, 2011


Since the theme this year is about the sciptures, we chose this as one of our optional songs to teach.  Our kids already know the first verse very well.  Since today was such a crazy day with kids finding new classes, we decided not to start on a brand new unfamiliar song.  So we had a fun activity for learning the second verse of scripture power.

I had five gospel pictures of various scripture stories.  Behind them I placed:

1. a sword clip art with a word strip reading FIND
2. a shield clip art with a word strip reading  TAKE
3.armor clip art with a word strip reading WEAR
4. word strip reading FIGHT
5. word strip reading WIN

I had a reverent volunteer come up and draw a word strip from a basket.  The word strip matched with one of the gospel art pictures.  They had to figure out which one it went to.  For example, I had a picture of Lehi preaching to the people in Jerusalem.  The corresponding word strip for that picture was "Listen to the Prophet" .  You could use any pictures and matching phrases that you wanted.  When they made a match they got to remove the object from behind the picture.  Here is where it gets fun, but probably difficult to explain.

On another board I had the letters POWER.  The helper put whatever object they found under the correct letter.  For example, the sword is number one so it went under the P, the shield is number two so it went under the O, etc.  Each letter corresponds to a portion of the 2nd verse as follows:

1 (sword) I'll find the sword of truth in each scripture that I learn
2(shield) I'll take the shield of faith from these pages that I turn
3(wear)  I'll wear each vital part of the armor of the Lord
4(fight) I'll fight my daily battle
5(win) and win a great reward

Once the put up the clip art and word strip I told them what the line of the verse was.  Then the pianist played just that part for them to hear, then we sang just that phrase.  Once they had it we started our game.  The pianist played the entire second verse (minus the chorus).  We hummed the parts we hadn't learned yet and then sang the phrase we new.  The first time through was mostly humming.  The game continued with the next helper who matched a phrase with a picture, took the objects from behind it, and matched it on the board to our word POWER.  Then we repeated the song, now with two phrases and the rest humming.  It was fun.  By the end of singing time we knew the whole verse!  The humming made them really pay attention!

I hope this makes sense!  Just let me know if you have any questions!
Happy singing!

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