Sunday, May 29, 2011

Primary Clue

I am TERRIBLE about updating this blog!  But today was so fun I had to make myself sit down and do it!  In primary today for review we played the game CLUE.  I told the kids that i heard "someone" singing "one" of their program songs in a certain "place". Their job was to figure out  1) who it was 2) what song was being sung 3) and where they were singing it.  On the board I had wordstrips with their choices:
Praise to the man
If I listen with my heart
Stand for the right
Scripture Power
I will follow God's Plan

family home evening.

After I explained the rules of clue I introduced the people they could chose from.  (as a side note, our ward has a great deal of parents who LOVE to come in and join us for singing time.  We use parents quite often and they are very enthusiastic actors).  Each adult was in costume and ran in to the room when introduced in full character.

Cheerleader (wearing a lettermens jacket and shaking large pompoms)
Doctor (wearinf scrubs, a iso mask and a stethescope.  he listened to kids' hearts as he walked in)
Super hero (wearing a mask, cape, & a superman S.  she "flew" in a had her cape fly over kids heads)
 Football Player (wearing shoulder pads and carrying a football, ran in as if about to score)
Pioneer (waerinf a bonnet, skirt and apron,  she was late because her handcart broke down)

The game was simple.  To earn a guess the kids had to sing a verse or chorus of one of our program songs that we;ve learned so far.  I then selected someone who was singing their best to guess.  When they guessed the person they guessed acted in character.  For example the football player yelled and spiked the ball, the cheerleader kept making up cheers, the docotr threatened to give shots, the pioneer just kept asking to sit down and lost her shoe and the superhero lifted up chairs with one hand.  It was hilarious and the kids loved it.  After their guess i would tell them one thing that was wrong with their guess.  For example, if they guessed the DOCTOR was singing PRAISE TO THE MAN in the GARDEN, I would say...Not in the garden.  And then I would turn over the wordstrip that said garden.  Even if more than one part of their guess was wrong, I would only divulge one part.  If I told then it wasn't a certain adult, that adult sat down.  We had time to run through the game twice because it was fifth sunday and we have the entire time. 

This really was a HUGE hit!  Difficult to explain but hopefully you get it!

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  1. You have a blog! Wow, I am so impressed. I love it. Makes me wish I was a chorister. Sort of. We have to talk soon about my newest calling...maybe I can still use some of your awesome ideas. ;)