Sunday, April 29, 2012


This was a new, fun idea we used in Senior Primary.  They sometimes get tired of sitting and I felt they are old enough to be able to move around a bit without losing focus.  Note: I did NOT use this in Junior primary.

I made seven cards that were folded like tents and sitting on the front table.  We then would sing a verse, chorus or entire song in order to earn the chance to draw a card.  I used this to review all of the songs that we have learned thus far this year.  What ever was on the card is what we had to do before we sang the next song.  It was fun.  The kids really liked moving around to a new seat.  Here were the movements:

1)   Move two chairs to your right (if you are at the end of the row, go to the other end of the row)
2)   If you have ever gone to General Conference, switch chairs with someone else who has also gone.
3)   Teachers move 6 chairs to the left.  If there was a child in that seat they had to shift to make room for the teacher.
4)   If you have ever sang at someone's baptism, switch seats with someone else who also has.
5)   Move so everyone is sitting boy-girl.
6)   If you have ever given a Book of Mormon to someone, switch seats with someone else who has. (I was so thrilled to see how many children stood up!!)
7)  Teachers trade places with another teacher.

Having the movement was really fun and they sang great!

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