Saturday, May 26, 2012

Heart Attack!

Time for a day of review!  We did a good old fashioned heart-attack!  I decorated the board with a lot of small cut out hearts that were taped on.  Then I had some larger hearts with the following written on them:
Atrial Fibrillation

THe point was that each song had an issue that needed to be fixed.  If they sang the song and fixed that "heart" issue, they could take 4-5 of the smaller hearts and give a teacher a Heart-Attack!!  When they gave teachers a heart attack they would stick the hearts on the teacher.  Our Sunbeam teacher ended up with hearts on his eyeglasses, nose and chin.  He looked so funny and the kids loved it.  He left it on during the ENTIRE singing time!!  Here is how I used each condition:

Bradycardia - heart beating too slow.  In our song when I am baptized we sing so slow and quiet that I sometimes feel sleepy.  Challenge was to speed up a touch and sing with more enthusiasm.

Atrial Fibrillation - very rapid heart beat.  In the song We'll Bring The World His Truth we sing the song so rapid that I sometimes can't understand each word.  If we want listeners to feel the spirit they must understand what we are saying.  Challenge was to slow down but still sing with the same power.

Arthymia - irregular heart beat.  When we sing As A Child of God, the chorus has more volume and enthusiasm than the verses.  Challenge was to even the song out, great volume and power throughout the entire songs.

Murmur - occasional beats cannot be detected or are skipped.  When we sing Choose the Right a lot of the words in the third verse are mumbled or skipped.  Challenge was to sing every word clearly!

Palpitations - racing heart beat.  When we sing Beautiful Savior we sing much too fast. This song is so beautiful.  Challenge is to slow it down!

Obviously you would need to adapt these to your songs and the things that you would like to work on in each song.  After the kids met the challenge, I drew a name out of the jar.  That child got to give a teacher a heart attack!  Sometimes I drew two kids and they each took 3 hearts.  It was a BIG hit and the teachers all left their hearts on with pride!

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