Sunday, June 17, 2012


Happy Father's Day!  I used an idea that I saw online (eek! Can't remember where!)

One swimming noodle, cut into 5 pieces
5 Colorful paper ties with song titles written on the back
1 tie sitting on top of the piano with my pianist (hidden)

I had invited 5 dads to come visit us in primary on Father's day.  I did this for both Junior and Senior (so 10 dads in all).  I had them come in and sit with their kids.  I had the ties up on the board and picked a kid (whose dad was NOT there) to come up and pick a tie. On the back of the tie was a song title.  Since this was a fun day we did review and other fun songs.  I used;

Choose the Right (1 verse only)
Stand For the Right
Nephi's Courage (1 Verse only)

One the sixth hidden tie was Daddy's Homecoming

 Now comes the FUN part!!  I would choose a dad to come up and sit in the chair.  I would then give his  child/children a noodle.  The object of Boppin' Pop is to get Dad's mouth to match the words of the song.  When they BOP him on the head, his mouth opens up.  We did a quick demo on the first dad.  If there is more than one child they would take turns, or do verse and chorus, etc.  This was an instant hit with both the kids AND the dads!

After that dad was done, we would let him sit back down and do the next tie, etc.

After we snag the last song, and everyone thinks we are don my pianist holds up the hidden tie and says,"Wait you forgot one!"  This is where it gets REALLY FUN!

I have ALL the dads come to the front.  They are very reluctant, unsure of what I am going to do to them next!  Then I start handing THEM a noodle!  Suddenly the kids know what is going on!  I then have each of the Father's children come stand in front of their Dad!  The dads then BOP their kids while we sing Daddy's Homecoming!  Everyone loved this!!  One dad said after we were done, "That song wasn't quite long enough!"  Sxo we sang it again!!  A lot of fun!!

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