Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sing in Different Langugages

We went around the world singing!!  We learned how to say the word "sing" in different languages and then learned a little bit about that country as well.  Then we sang the song "Sing a Song" CS-253 replacing the word "sing" with the new language.  It was a BLAST and the kids enjoyed learning so much!

FINLAND:  they speak Finnish, sing is Laulaa (pronounced
They have over 188,000 lakes
In June and July the sun shines all day and night
Santa Claus has an official office there
Donald Duck was banned because he has no pants on

ITALY:  they speak Italian, sing is Cantare (pronounce using your best Luigi accent!)
Most crowded country in Europe
National animal is the wolf
Ice cream and fruit pies were invented here
4/5 of Italy is mountains

SOUTH AFRICA:  they speak AFRIKAANS, sing is Sa (pronounced su, as in sun)
Has a penguin colony
3 of the 5 fastest animals live here; cheetah, wildebeest, lion
Famous for Macadamia nuts

SWEDEN:  speak Swedish, sing is Sjunga (pronounce hun.ya)
Sun sets at 3:30 PM in winter
Sun rises at 3:30 AM in summer
On Easter children dress up as witches and trick or treat

GERMANY: speak German, sing is Singen (pronounced zingun)
They have over 300 kinds of bread
Gummi Bears were invented by a German
Have over 150 castles and 400 zoos

CHINA: speak Chinese, sing is Cha (prounced cha, said very quickly)
The tallest mountain on earth is here, Mt. Everest
Calligraphy invented
More people live here than any other country

KENYA: speak Swahili, sing is Kuimba (pronounced
Worlds greatest Safari destination
two seasons only; rainy or dry

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