Monday, December 12, 2011


My ultimate favorite activity to play with senior primary!  Pick 5 songs to sing that day.  Then choose three words from each song!  That is all the planning that needs to go into this activity.  It's easy to prepare and my senior primary kids absolutely LOVE IT!

In our music time, we involve the teachers ALOT.  The kids enjoy having the teachers be a part of the activities and our teachers like it just as much.  Here is an example of one round of password.

I choose a teacher to be the first contestant.  They come up and sit in a chair.  Then I choose three students names from my choosing jar.  They each get one of the words that match the first song.  There is another chair facing the teacher.  Each child takes turns sitting in that chair.  They give the teacher clues and try to get them to say the word on their card.  We have rules on the clues such as; no sign language, no "sounds like", and no opposites.  Sometimes they get the word right away. Other times it does take the teacher awhile!

After the teacher has guessed all three clues, they then have to figure out what song it is.  The kids love it when they know and the teacher doesn't!  After the song is guessed we sing that song.  Then Round Two!  The next teacher comes up.

This is a great activity when you just want to review songs.  When we announce we are playing it, the kids almost let out a cheer! But then they remember they are at church and the hold it in! :)

If you need more explanation let me know!  Hope I explained it well enough!  Happy singing!

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