Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thirteen Articles of Faith

This is an activity that we did last year.  It is a great one to do and needs to be started in January if you want to do it.  Each Sunday while the kids are sitting down and waiting for the Presidency to be ready we sing for a few minutes.  We sang a different Article of Faith every 3 weeks.  So for the first three sundays in January we worked on the 1st, the next three sundays we worked on the 2nd (and reviewed the 1st).  Finally after we learned all thriteen I let them know that we would be having a test the next sunday.

TEST DAY!  We brought in our trusty helper, President Quenzer.  He was perfect since he is slightly bald.  I had tied curly string together in bundles of 1, 2, 3, 4, etc up to thirteen.  I chose a volunteer to pick a bundle.  We counted the strings to see which Article of faith they were to be tested on.  They had to sing it without any help, prompts, or scriptures.  If they passed they got to tape that bundle of string on President Quenzer's head.  When we were done he looked beautiful.  Yes those wonderful children passed off every single one!

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