Monday, December 12, 2011

Snowball Fight!

I saw a post on another blog last year about letting the children have a snowball fight in primary.  I wanted to tweek it, so it seemed to be more purposeful.  I asked our Stake Presidency member if he would help out.  He LOVES primary and loves to come in to visit.

We gave each child a half sheet of paper and a pencil.  Junior Primary wrote their name on the paper, senior primary wrote their favorite primary song.  I then had KING HEROD come into the room.  We had dressed him up to look like a king.  He sat in a chair in the front of the room and scowled at the children.  I told the story of King Herod and how he was also part of the Christmas story. It was a great opportunity for the kids to hear how angels and Heavenly Father were protecting the Baby Jesus. 

After I was finished I had the kids wad their paper up into a snow ball.  I drew names out of my choosing jar (5-6 at a time).  Those kids got to stand and on the count of three they threw their snowball at King Herod.  He was a great actor and really made it fun!  Then King Herod picked up one of the snowballs.  What ever song it said, that is what we sang (for Junior, if it was their name they got to pick a song).  We were able to do this so that every child ended up gettting to throw their snowball at King Herod.

At the end King Herod said he felt the spirit in their singing and his heart had been softened.  It was a lot of fun and added a new dimension to the Christmas story that oft times gets left out.

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